10 month old

My son is a demon child. I am a stay at home mom he gets plenty of attention from me and then from his dad when he gets home from work. I play with him, play his music, feed/change/bathe him all that good stuff but..

He randomly throws himself backwards, slams himself on the floor and cries, screams bloody murder especially if we don’t pick him up, bites, smacks, throws his head back at random times

We have been telling him “no we don’t do that” and started tapping him on the hand because redirecting him has not worked for us.. he will continue to throw a fit until he gets what he wants. I let him cry and try to ignore him when he does these things (my boyfriend was giving in until recently, he’s now ignoring him as well)

I’m just not sure what to do, he does these things every 5-30 minutes and it drives me crazy I do not know what he wants or how to handle it