Plan B

My so and I had unprotected the day or two around my expected ovulation date last week. I didn’t realize it until after. Cum may have dripped or slightly gotten inside how we were in doggy when he pulled out. I wasn’t worried about it until today when he full force came in me. We got plan b about 30 minutes later and I took it. I’m 6 days til my period. Will it protect me from just this time or both? I’m okay with being pregnant if I am I just want to know if I took it if it could harm a pregnancy if it just occurred and I didn’t know before today? Does this make any sense at all 🤦🏻‍♀️

Not 100% sure when I ovulated but according to this it was the 14th. Or around there. We had sex on the 14 and 15 when it MAY HAVE dripped into it.

Today about a week later, we did again and he actually came in me. Today I took plan b.