Scared about my body

I’m 16 (girl) and I hate my body.. well not really. I hate some aspects but I like others. The problem is I’m super self conscious about my stomach in general. I have an athletic build but there’s a part of my tummy that just sticks out. I’ve been told over and over again it’s natural, but I can’t bring myself to love it or even like looking at it in the mirror. No matter how many times my friends or my boyfriend tells me my body looks great, I can’t seem to believe them. And I keep comparing my body to my friends or other people, and I’m just not happy with it. I’ve always been pretty body aware and really self conscious but when I hit high-school it got really bad. I’ve gotten better but I’m still not overjoyed with my body or like looking at it. I play soccer so its not like I don’t exercise at all. I just wish I could flatten it or learn to love it. If you have any advice about loving it or losing it please comment. Thanks :)