flu like symptoms at 5 weeks?


so on tuesday i turned 21. and shortly after that i fell very ill. started with an allergy attack - worse than i ever had with swollen crusty eyes. then congestion problems and now full on flu with loss of voice. going on 4 days now and no signs of getting better. i mean im out and about but clearly sick as a dog. ive been taking meds like tylenol (all meds i got approved to take by pharmacy and doctor) religiously. my hubby bought me this all natural honey med...tastes like im drinking lysol pledge and toilet bowl cleaner all in one. he got all mad because i refuse to take it and it was expensive. should i go back to doctor or walk in because theres just no getting better. and i dont think i should be taking an OTC if i cant stand the taste. i threw up after taking it this morning.anyone have advice on what i should do or take? im at work right now (dying). just want to get better and want my baby to be healthy. all advice wanted. please no rude comments.