Petty Betty...


Soo, about a week ago my husband & I decided to separate. I’ll be honest, it was my idea. I have legit reasons, but anyways.

Aunt Flo decided, “hey bitch, lets reward you with a period instead of pregnancy from when you had sex during your fertile time window & ovulation.” So, im like...

Well, I start looking for tampons at the house. Well guess what? I only have ONE tampon left.

Like what the hell! How could I have not been prepared for this? I’ve been PRAYING for this period.

Anyway, back to the story. My kids are out cold for the night, & I don’t really want to load them up & drag them out at 10pm because I forgot to prepare myself for my mini monthly bloodbath! So I’m like, “hmmm. I’ll ask soon-to-be ex-hubs.” He was out working late. So I ask, he’s like sure. I’ll be there soon. So I’m like..

So I’m waiting for him to get here with my tampons. I finally see his truck lights pull into the driveway & I’m like yay! He walks in the door, I grab the bag & rush to the bathroom like its Christmas.

Ladies, this man is feelin’ some type of way towards me. 😂 I open the box & I open the tampon to find an ULTRA tampon with a cardboard applicator.

Well I just used my last normal tampon, I have no pads, he just left back out for work so I have to use these large, painful tampons with a cardboard applicator. Like...

You mad or nahh?

Moral of the story, don’t upset your husband/boyfriend/SO & then ask him for tampons.

He’llbwant to hurt your poor vajayjay 😭