In labor or no?

Kirsten • 23 , photographer, dog mom, wifey ❤️

I know this sounds dumb but being a first time mom, and getting information from everyone..I really don’t know how to tell if I’m in labor. All I hear is “you’ll know” “you’re belly will tighten in wave” “I couldn’t feel the contractions” “I had back labor and it was horrible” I’m just so overwhelmed. Two days ago I was at a 1, my job is very physical, I’m constantly walking and standing , (everyone told me to walk to dilate) so I don’t know if I’ve dilated anymore or not but today before my baby shower I started getting these awful period like cramps in my back, and I haven’t had any back pain like this at all during my pregnancy and I’m 36 weeks. Could this be labor? Do I try to time the cramps or do I wait for the abdomen cramps? I’m so lost.