Upper abdominal pain at 29 weeks


Hey there! I’m 29+3. About two hours ago, I started getting what felt like a cramp along the top of my belly (like right under my boobs and ribs and right on top of where my bump meets my boobs). It is a dull, achy pain. I’ve drank near 60+ ounces of water today so I don’t think it’s dehydration, I thought about round ligament pain but I read up on it and that’s usually on the sides or down by your bikini line. I also checked into Braxton Hicks but I’m not having like contractions- it’s been constantly there for the last two hours. I have been slowly sipping water, went to the bathroom (#1 and #2). No fever. No bleeding. No swelling. Should I be concerned or am

I just growing? Any other possibilities?