Feeling fed up 😞 update πŸ€—


So bit of a back round I have two kids ages 7 and 9 to a previous partner I had no issues at all falling pregnant I was always on birth control in between so hard to tell if my cycle was regular I had my Mirena removed in June had no period and fell pregnant right away to my new husband he has no other kids and is younger than me I will be thirty in August! I had a misscarage in July around 4 weeks πŸ’” since them I have struggled to fall pregnant and some months I don’t even get a period my cycle

Seems to around 35 to 40 odd days long just now so today I went to

My doc to discuss this he took blood to check my progesterone level and I’ve to go back each week for the same blood test is my period fails to come ! I feel this is a long drawn out process before being referred to a specialist regarding Clomid. Every month is just a disappointment after late periods and no positive tests anyone else in the same boat feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle here πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”


So I’m sure I had an implantation bleed last night and today boobs are a little tender I have a lot of wet type clear discharge is this a gd sign??