Finally, after everything. I'm Pregnant!!!!


My husband and I had been trying for over two years. I was told BOTH of my Fallopian tubes were closed, that I had low egg reserves, perhaps from the type of birth control I use to use and the amount of time I was taking it. We put the baby making on hold because we're we in the process of buying a home. We had a house under contract, and so excited to move into our new house. My period was 5 days late , but it was late before but not that late. So I went to CVS and got a no name Hpt, I was sure it was going to be negative. IT WASN'T!!!! I finally got a freaking positive!!! I was in real live shock. I was shaking, crying and slobbering lol! My Dr. confirmed the pregnancy with blood test and a ultrasound a week later!!!! I'm Pregnant!! never thought I would be able to say that again. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP. No matter what. BABY DUST AND PRAYERS TO YOU ALL❤️💖👶🤰.