He may have given me a std

Me and my boyfriend broke up for two months and when we got back together he told me about a girl he was sleeping with. This is a girl that he slept with last year (seems like she’s always available for him when we have problems) anyway!! He said he trusted that she was clean bc after he cheated and slept with her last year I had him go get tested for stds before I would take him back. Came back all good. So that’s why he trusted that she was still clean A YEAR LATER.

I wanted him to get tested but I still STUPIDLY slept with him before that happened. It’s a week later and I feel itchy on and I side my vagina. It’s really tender. There is no discharge or smell tho. I go today to get checked and tested.

I told him about going to the dr and he suggested maybe I was with someone and I said no bc I wasn’t.

I told him he has no right to get mad at me for being upset that I may have possibly gotten something from him and that girl. He said “of course not, I’d be upset too” but I feel like he will be mad at me.

How do I go about this without it turning Into a big argument. I’d like to approach this in a adult way and not seem crazy