Intense Implantation Cramps?

I am 10 or 11 DPO (OPK showed maybe a later ovulation than normal this month) and woke this morning to very mild cramps. When I went to the bathroom, there was a slight pink hue when I wiped, so I assumed AF is going to come early (I typically spot for a couple of days beforehand, so it’s not out of the ordinary). An hour or so later, the cramps suddenly escalated to a “curl up into a ball” level, and stayed there for maybe 30 minutes. Then? Gone. Nothing. Nada. And no more spotting so far, either.

While the spotting made me think I was out this month, I am baffled by the intense cramps that came and suddenly disappeared. AF isn’t due for four more days, so the spotting is a bit early, too.

Who has had implantation cramping, and did anyone experience anything like what I described?

Thank you!