1st Ultrasound at 6 weeks after 2MC


Today was our first ultrasound of our baby who is due in November. We are only 6 weeks, 5 days so not a lot was really visible/measurable. My husband and I saw the gestational sack and the ultrasound tech said she was briefly able to get a heart beat reading of 122bpm. Although I should be excited, I’m now more anxious than I was before the appointment. Maybe I was hoping for more definitive results or clearer readings. We had two consecutive MC last year and I thought I was handling this pregnancy pretty well, all things considered. But now I’m a big worrying mess. Not to mention I’m sore from the transvaginal ultrasound. So my question is, has anyone else had difficulty getting a heart beat under 7 weeks and is this normal to be feeling so worried even though I didn’t really receive any bad news?