I just realized!!

I just realized that if my husband and I put aside $400 ($200 each) every paycheck (every 2 weeks) for 5 years we will be able to buy a $95,000 home!!!

* Actually.... I think I did my math wrong..

* I did, we'd have to save for 10 years to get to that amount. We're never gonna be able to buy a home, let alone have children.... I'll be 31 by the time we save that much plus another $20,000 in savings for a baby and that amount with have to be higher by then.

* Ok, yeah I get that's it's not a lot for a lot of you ok. For my husband and I however it's a shit ton. I bet most of you make double what he and I make right now and we have good job's for our area and we work our asses off.