Corrine • 😍Momma to my favorite little boy😍

Breast feeding: So I just recently changed my mind and decided to breast feed when my little boy gets here. I was all super excited and knew I would want to pump and breastfeed. I called my insurance and found out they do cover pumps and went on to find which pumps they cover on the 5 different websites they gave me... WELL now I'm lost as shit. This is all new to me and I have no clue what I'm talking about. My insurance will fully cover the Spectra S2 Plus and the Lansinoh Smartpump... Both have amazing reviews. Only major complaints are spectra is a larger pump and doesn't have battery option but I don't know when I would really need it... Or I say unless the power goes out. The Lansinoh has batteries and is smaller and the only complaint I find is that it isn't as quiet. However I just want to know what works best from home mom's who have used them. I am so lost