Swollen vagina

Hey ladies , my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship just over an hour drive so it isn’t so bad but it’s a lot of planning with our schedules. He got a new job and he will be working more in my area . I just saw him a couple days ago . His company paid for a really nice hotel room for four nights . When we have sex it would always hurt from the starting point and then get better. We use lube as well. He is always start off slow then become rough but that day he was honestly a beast. I still don’t know how I feel about it cause it was too much for me but I sort of liked it . Now am left with a really sore vagina and swollen . The next morning, he wanted to have sex and I just couldn’t do it, told him to get out of me and he did. I might see him before he leaves but I won’t sleep with him.

How do I prevent this next time so I could have more comfortable sex. I do not like using toys . Any other suggestions besides lube? I already spoke to him about being too rough with me, so maybe it could help .

Thanks in advance , no judgements :)