Anyone take opks without your partner knowing?

We are ttc #2 and are both 100% on board. however, my husband got very stressed when we were ttc #1 because we were really trying and I was taking opks, temping, bding every day during my fertile period, etc (LOTS of stuff). We have a short window to conceive though for personal reasons (it can either be now or in 4-5 years). We also can't always bd every day because we have an active 16 month old and my husband is on some meds that make it tough to "go" every day. I want to make sure that we concentrate our efforts on the right days and make sure we definitely bd on my peak day so I have been taking opks (the cheap ones) without him knowing and just not telling him the results. it feels sneaky and idk if I should but at the same time I feel like it isn't a big deal and what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Has anyone else done this?