Hoping for a December Baby!!!

Daina • 25. Married 10/29/17, Pregnant with Baby #1

My husband and i got Married this past October on our 5 year anniversary. There i nothing more that i have ever wanted than to be a mother.

We are finally ready!! We are TTC baby #1

There have been a few signs this month.

*** To start i went to my local mall that i am quite the frequent shopper and i noticed a new maternity store with a shirt in the window that said Due in December on the belly it was SOOOOO cute!!!

*** then Sunday i checked my app and talked to my husband and he said we were going to “dance” all week to try and get this baby

*** i noticed that my period is due April 13th which is my grandpas birthday——- he just passed July 1st 2017... and it’s been very hard his birthday will be the hardest day of all. And if my hormones are high enough i could potentially find out I’m pregnant not that day!!! Which would mean the world to me.

*** our baby would be due in December-ish which is when we really wanted to have a baby we have 17 nephews and 3 nieces and 6 siblings 3 parents 1 grandparent combined and no one in our family has a December birthday haha!!

*** it would land near holidays which is a must for announcing to my mother and mother in law... i could tell my husband on his birthday May 9th and our families on Fathers Day <3

It would be so perfect

So things just seemed to fall into place so i am desperately hoping for a BFP!