Advice please

Ok so it’s childish drama. I’m not even sure how it happened. But a coworker of mine likes another one of our co workers. She asked me to go and see what he thinks about her.

So I struck up a random convo and he seemed into it then I asked if he was single and he shook his head, rolled his eyes and walked off

Fast forward an hr. He goes home and she still whining about how she wants To know if he likes her. So I told her she needs to just speak to him herself. She texts him saying “I’m being pressured into asking you this” and then he texts back “tell Jenny to shut the fuck up and go focus on her job” she then responds “sorry but she won’t stop asking until I get an answer” i was annoyed because she was too afraid to be honest with him so she was throwing me under the bus as a crutch. And I didn’t understand why his response was so angry towards me but that annoyed me. I have to work with both of them tomorrow and idk what to say if he mentions it to me. I don’t want a hostile work environment.. it’s all just childish. I was only asking because she wanted me to