I don’t want sex anymore?

Katie • 20 yrs old ☀️ Leonardo 10.16.18 👶🏻💙

so a little back story. I’m 11 weeks pregnant. I haven’t had any problems, other than a corpus luteum cyst that hasn’t given me any pain for weeks now. it’s probably close to gone if not completely gone. I also got tested for Group B Strep. It was found in my urine but not in a high enough amount to be any infection. I’ll still be given antibiotics during delivery. I’m kind of worried that sex could make the Group B worse, but I’ve heard it doesn’t. my fiancé and I haven’t really been having sex much at all. if anything, once a week or so. He doesnt get upset over it, he’s never made me feel bad for not wanting it. I just don’t know why I don’t want sex anymore.. it makes me feel kind of awful for not doing it. like I said, he has not said anything or acted like I’m wrong for it. he’s completely understanding. but I can’t help but feel disappointing. has anyone else experienced this?