Is it my place?


I have no idea where to post this but I mean I'm guessing you ladies might be able to help me with my problem. My mother is 42 years of age and my sister is 14. They are both firey and not willing to step down. My sister is very spoiled and is very rude.

Today there was a situation where my sister told off some people about their car. Now these people kindly drive her back and forth from school because there is only one car. My sister feels like my mother should be on her side even though she was disrespectful. Although my mother argues that my sister is a brat.

My sister then started to tell at my mother and my mother yelling back. Them getting into each other's faces. I was definitely scared it would turn into another physical fight where my sister and mom are hitting each other.

So I was trying to come inbetween them because I feel as though this shouldn't happen. My mother got upset saying I shouldn't defend her. But I was trying to get them to stop yelling. I don't want to break up any fights.

I've been able to because getting in the middle while being pregnant stops things very fast. Now my sister was yelling and being very rude and disrespectful to my mother. Demanding that my mom pay for Uber to drive her. Now look we don't have money for that. I suggested since Trystin somehow always gets money and she's getting a card she pay for Uber.

My sister yelled and said that's not her job. My mom yelled and said that she needs to save her money and also figure out how to ignore the people who drive her now since she's so mad. All they do is yell and fight all day.

It's stressful to not know when something might pop off. Idk if I should get in the middle anymore or if I should just let it go. I don't want them to fight because they are mother and daughter but idk what to do. Is it my place to stop them or what?

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