I'm officially a mummy!

So, I woke at 3.20am yesterday as I was having mild contractions. At 4am my back waters broke. Went to the hospital to be told to go home. The back pain was like nothing I have EVER experienced in my life (no lie). I spent most of the day in the bath trying to help these mega back contractions. Couldn't take it anymore so we went back in. I was FULLY dilated! I had no pain relief what so ever. Every midwife and doctor said that I was the perfect patient and was strong, amazing etc. Very proud of myself as it wasn't a test of strength, they said gas and air could make me sick so that put me off straight away. Front waters broke whilst I was pushing. Baby came out in an hour of pushing. Had my stitches. Boom. 💪💪💪💪💪💪