Flatmate problems


Hi guys, I’m away from uni for 2 weeks and I’m planning on confronting my flatmate when I get back about the shit that he does to me. But I know it’s not going to end well because of how he is so I just need some support to know I’m doing the right thing. I’ve spoken to my parents and my friends who know him and they all think I’m in the right but I’m still apprehensive because I hate drama and I know he’s gonna make a big deal about me calling him out on his shit.

But here’s a bit about him. Let’s call him Bob. Bob is a joker and he gets on with everyone he meets, they all love him. I was one of those people, I thought he was hilarious. But now I’ve started picking up on things that’s aren’t right, and I think his popularity had made me a little blind to it.

He always talks over me in a debate. Like he will never let me speak my mind. He will never let me just sit quietly and watch tv, he has to come in and flick me or poke me or just moan at me for not giving him attention. He makes things up about me and tells people who come and visit. He calls me a slag because I’m not in a relationship but I have slept with a few people while at uni (no where near as much as him!) and I can tell he really means it. He questions my life choices all the time as if he has a say in what I do. I slept with my other male flatmate back before Christmas and he just can’t let it go. And the night before I was going back home for Easter, he was drunk and tried to force feed me a cookie when I told him over and over I didn’t want one. He actually pressed it against my lips until it broke apart and fell on the floor, and then shouted at me for making a mess!

People say he’s doing this because he fancies me but doesn’t know how to express it. But that is just so high school! I’m 24 and he’s 22, I’m sick of his immaturity.

I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship and I’m not even dating the guy!

I just wanna sit him down and talk about how he’s belittling me and making me dislike his company. Because I’m going on holiday with him and my other guy flatmate in May and I don’t want him to ruin it for me.

I have a right to say something, don’t I?