Thoughts on this mindset?


I watch these people on YouTube who are very well off financially. They have a two year old daughter who is very “spoiled” if you will. They have even noted in one of their videos that they never know what to buy her for special occasions because she already has everything.

Well one video, the father went out to get flowers for his fiancé and daughter. And he took time to explain why he spoils his daughter so much.

He said, “I want to spoil my daughter so when she finds a guy, she will expect him to treat her just like daddy and if he doesn’t he will get kicked to the curb.”

What do you think about this?

Personally I have mixed feelings. While everyone should be treated well with respect and love, I don’t think it’s good to teach young kids that in order to be “worthy” of them, their future SO needs to buy them things and shower them with gifts. I think it could cause problems in the future with that child expecting too much out of everyone.

What do you think?