Almost the 3rd trimester and my girlfriend is still distant


Hello all. First I want to say I’m grateful to my girlfriend for being such a great person and carrying our baby girl and never complaining or asking for a lot even though I wish she would because I feel like I’m not needed at all lol. So in January she started to be distant and it was terrible, she was distant and pushed me away and was rude and I didn’t understand why. We made up around vday when we found out the sex of the baby. Everything was great we were communicating better. I was and still am upset that she ended things rather than talking but that only lasted a day so did it really end? Anyways it’s been about a month or maybe 3 weeks since she’s touched me or communicated well and it’s tough. It’s hard because I just want to be able to end my day without this bad gut feeling. But even when I mention it to her nothing changes. And I know I’m probably being selfish but I am very attentive and I do whatever I can for her. It must be hard on her to carry a being for this long and her body changing and everything I just want to have a better understanding of how to handle it. I need advice and Idk anyone that is pregnant or rather idk any women that has become this distant while being pregnant. It’s harder since we don’t live together and we don’t communicate. It’s lonely without my girls by me all the time, am I being too needy? Help me out with some advice please. I need to get out of my head.