Advice from this board here! ❤️

Been trying 17 months. Learned we have a Sperm issue. It's fixed! Thankfully. My husband had varicoceles, five big ones actually. Two months post removal we had 32 million total count, (about 10mil/ml). He had 3ml semen. 71% total motility (48% were the good fast progressive) and 12% morphology. Before we were quite low at only 14 million total count, 11% total motility (only 1% progressive) and zero morph! We go back end of April for another semen test and I'm hoping to see the count to continue to rise. Anyways, so far I'm ok. I ovulate, catch my pos opks, open tubes, no pcos. Good lining. About a 31/32 day cycle. My question is do we wait a good full year to 1.5 years until we give into assisted fertility? I'm counting January 2018 as month 1 with a fair shot and good Sperm. Basically do we keep trying to be patient all of 2018 and give his swimmers a fair shot naturally? Also I'm 29. Advice? What would you do?