April twins preferred being March twins


My boy-girl twins were due April 16th, however, I had a C-section scheduled for April 2nd. On March 11, at 34 weeks 6 days, my water decided to break after losing my mucus plug the night before. I was in strong denial (I probably just peed myself, right??) as I was not yet ready! The twins had other plans. At the hospital, they confirmed that my water did indeed break and I'd have to have a C-section (both babies were transverse). Within an hour, with no time to wrap my mind around the fact that this was it, I heard baby A's precious 1st cries. Two minutes later, I heard baby B's cries! Dad cut the umbilical cords and I held them in my arms! Pure love! Baby A, Miss Stella, weighed 5 pounds 7 ounces and was 17 inches long. Baby B, Little Raymond, weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces and was 18 inches long. No NICU time!! Dad, big sister, and I are adjusting at home. So blessed!