How long should I wait to test?



So my ovulation date is a little off bc I decided not to do any OPKs this cycle so I may have ovulated a bit sooner. But I went with the later date out of the 3 days it was possible.

I THINK I had implantation pains ~5dpo, two nights ago, at night but it was pretty much the next day bc it was at 2 am. But I was laying in bed and I felt these twinges/ sharp little pains on my uterus and it lasted for about 15 seconds. Then ~6dpo, the next day,(yesterday) around noon I checked my cm and it was light pink I had spotting and it lasted all day. Then a little bit today (~7dpo) and it’s pretty much gone now at 4 pm. I’m not sure when to test but I hope I got a little bean in here🤞🏽

Af is due 4-4-18

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