How I murdered my iPhone


I share many embarrassing moments with you people.

It's totally okay to laugh at me even if you hate me. Find some joy in knowing that I have two left feet.

I have a front porch with steps. This morning while leaving for work, it's a pretty morning because it's rainy and all the sudden I felt the tip of my shoe catch and I slipped and fell and landed on my sidewalk and crushed my iPhone 6 to shit.

It was already cracked from dropping it in my laundry room... and dropping it on pavement when the wind ripped my car door from me while my phone was in my hand. This is all the days after my phone case broke.

Today it met its end. I mean, I still kinda works. I can make calls but I can't do anything else with it.

So now I'm stuck with an old iPhone that doesn't have a SIM card.

The worst part is my new neighbors saw me fall and die and keep laying there for a second absorbing the fact that I suck at life. I was laying there while it was raining 😂 I'm so melodramatic in the morning. They just stared at me... lol. They are both guys and they were just sitting on their front porch smoking something. They weren't concerned for me at all they just stared like "wow what a moment"

I might have sprained my wrist too so that's awesome.

That's how my day started but baby cuddles when I got to daycare made me feel better. They were super smiley today when I walked in and I forgot about it within a millisecond. Always have a job that can make you forget that you started your day face planting in the rain 😬

Another thing, when I looked up my cat was in the window looking out and pacing back and forth like "bitch did you just die?"