birth control + plan b = HELP ME


Okay so someone please help ease my mind 😰😰😰😭😭😭. I’m on the pill (tri-previfem and i take it at the same time daily give or take two hours. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex after my past period ended , and he pulled out. i did take my pill that night but i was getting paranoid so i took plan b about 24 hours after. we had sex again in the same week but he didn’t even come close to cumming and we stopped. two weeks after the plan b i got cramps and bleeding just like my period, and it’s been happening for about two weeks now. it’s just like a normal period. me and my boyfriend just had unprotected sex earlier today and he pulled out, but he’s a little worried that it could’ve been a little later than he should’ve. i should be ok because i’m on bc right??. i’m not sure if this is my actual period since i’m not supposed to get mine until next week. i took my pill tonight like usual, but i am so scared that i could get pregnant from this. if i get my period next week or continue bleeding until i’m supposed to get it, am i ok? or is this my period and the plan b changed my cycle? i’m paranoid and worrying but i don’t wanna take plan b again and screw up my cycle more! someone please give me any advice if i’m on my actual period right now or is it gonna come or what to do 😭😭😭