Mirena weight gain ? Removal ?

So I've had the mirena little over 7 months now. My first form of birth control ever. Doctor recommended- After birth, within a month, I was down to pre pregnancy weight. I then got the mirena inserted and instantly started to feel different, I started gaining weight, breakouts started happening, cramps- you name it. For the most part I thought my body just needed some time to adjust, but now it's going on 8 months and I've gained about 10lbs and I'm still having breakouts. I've always been active, I work out almost every day and my diet is pretty good. I'm not doing anything different from pre pregnancy. I made an appointment to get it removed- my fiancé thinks I'm crazy. 🙄 can anyone relate to these issues ? Should I just stay off birth control for awhile ? Any other birth controls you guys would recommend?