are scars or skin imperfections a turn off?


so I was in a fitting room today to try on a dress and I noticed that my back acne marks and discoloration was kinda lightly spreading to my lower back and rib area. I've always been self conscious of it. it's usually very noticeable on my back shoulder blades but it's subtly spread a little. I wouldn't be able to avoid it if I was wearing a halter dress or swimsuit. in some areas, it's actually smooth but has some discoloration from the acne.

My doctor really wanted me to take accutane but I was unwilling to take it because of the long term side effects and also wasn't comfortable taking the birth control.

long story short, there are days I'm reminded that the acne marks are there. there's some dark spots on my chest as well but it's not as bad as my back. honestly I'm afraid it's going to turn off potential girlfriends because I don't have smoother skin. am I just being paranoid?