35 and 5 days need advice


I am scheduled for a c section April 17th which will make me 38 and 2 days but went to the Dr couple days ago and she said I'm 1 cm dilated already. the reason I am having a c section is because I had an emergency c section one less than a year ago and they cut my uterus in a T shape. my son passed away because he was very premature and my dr doesn't want me to go into labor because she said it could rupture my uterus and I could possibly die. I'm scared now that I'm already 1 cm dilated and have had a few contractions not consistently. I was thinking of asking her to induce me next Friday which will put me at 36 and 5 days. do you think I should just wait and see how things go? I don't want him to be born before he has to but I also am scared of going into labor. also my Dr goes on vacation the following week so thats why I thinking of asking on that day.