doesn't feel real yet.

Okay so I'm approximately 6 weeks and I'm due for November. I've taken two tests but I still feel like it isn't real yet. I keep expecting someone to tell me I'm not actually pregnant. I think it's because we tried for a baby for so long that I didn't allow myself to get excited or to look into any signs. I'm having serious doubt constantly and I know two tests couldn't be wrong but I'm just waiting for my world to shatter like it was just a dream. I've been wanting this for two years now and everytime my period was a few days late I would be screaming internally not to jump to conclusions. I don't know when this will start to feel like a reality. It's honestly so scary not even believing it. Like I'm thinking the sickness is psychosomatic or something. It's almost like disassociation because I feel like I'm just observing and not in the situation. I don't know how to explain it better than that. Is it normal to feel this way?