I’m back,.... kind of.


So I been away for a while. A few reasons. After I lost the baby I didn’t and couldn’t see and hear about everyone’s happy announcements. Two I was too consumed by the app and so many opinions and stories.

A lot has gone on since....

Me and my hubby aren’t moving back to New York like planned. He got a job that requires us to stay in Colorado. Not exactly happy about it. But what can we do.

I been in New York since feb 17th

Went to Thailand for three weeks. Had a great time.

And now I’m back in New York till the 10th

My husbands job takes him away 15 days at a time and home for 5. So I’m a little concerned and worried how we can even try to have a baby when he’s never around.

I almost want to give up and accept kids are not for me.

With My age I can’t waste time.

It’s a lot and just don’t know how to take things.

I guess I have to take it day by day.

Here are some pics from my vaca-