What in the hell??? Am I out or did this HSG throw off my cycle?

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Ok.... so here is the deal:

I’m on cycle day 1 of my new cycle technically because my period is a no show. This is my first femera cycle. I took 2.5 mg at cycle days 5-10. Went for my ultrasound, found out I had one mature follicle @ 17mm. He said you should ovulate in the next few days (whatever tf that means) so have lots of sex! So, that was March 19th. I also had a HSG done March 14th. He said my tubes were clear so he has labeled me as unexplained infertility 😒. So now here is the kicker:


even after the antibiotics, femera, and during supposed ovulation. My progesterone levels were 7.8 which is low for 29 y.o., but it’s still possible to ovulate. Anything over 5 he says. So now, I have taken tests, gotten negatives and I’m feeling annoyed. My cycles are very regular and I always spot 2 days before and I have sore breast and I crave sugar but nothing....no symptoms at all. Not even during ovulation..

Am I out?

What would you do if it were you....