baby dad


so 2 years ago my daughters father just took my daughter one day and told her tomorrow I'm moving to Florida and the next day he left... now when he left he told her he would pick her up Christmas breaks and for a fue weeks during summer breaks none of witch he has done he came back once a year and a half ago for one day to buy a car seen her for like 2 hours then left again so that's the last time she seen him in person. since then she has talked to him once or twice a month one video chat. so Easter morning he asks me to call him I think its his usual he wants to talk to her cuz it's a holiday. so I call and he says hey I'm back up here and I wanna see my daughter.. now im thinking this his him doing some Easter April fools joke but its not he randomly desided to move back.. now as great as this is that she gets her dad back in her life I think its not so great also. when he was hear before he would tell her stuff and not do it at least when he was a bunch of state away there was a reason she couldn't see him. now he's only a 5 min drive or 15 min walk but I know hes gonna do the same things as befor. on Easter he told her tomorrow I'm gonna bring you something for Easter so today she waited and nothing he never came with her Easter gift. its his 2nd day back and he's already lied to her . is it wrong that I feel like I wish he woulda just stayed far away?