AF due tomorrow *Updated*


Normally my BBT drops the day before, or the day of my expected period.

The fact that my temps have been steadily climbing for the last 5 consecutive days gives me some hope, BUT they aren’t as high as the first time I got a BFP, and I don’t feel any symptoms like last time.

If tomorrow’s temp hasn’t dropped then I’m going to allow myself to test... just don’t want to get my hopes up!


So today’s chart: Temp still climbing, no sign of AF that is due today so it’s test time!

And so this happened 😳 14 dpo - BFP! 😍

I honestly didn’t think this month would be it, we only BD once during my fertile window and even that was 2.5/3 days before ovulation!

Thank you ladies for your support, and baby dust to you ✨