Please could you advice me what to do 😔 im unsure what should be happening right now


So to give you all some details..

On Tuesday 20th march i went for a scan i was supposed to be 12 weeks +3 but we found out that unfortunately the baby had no heart beat and had stopped forming at 9weeks +3

On Wednesday 21st march i had my operation. I was told to repeat a pregnancy test in 2-3 weeks.

I had no pregnancy symptoms for around 3/4 weeks before the scan

I am currently on a night shift so my urine is very diluted yet i took a test and i got a clear positive test.

I have had only spotting on the day of my operation and 2 days ago i had a strange mucus with a slight red colour to it. Ive not yet had a period.

So its only been 2 weeks since d&c; but 3 weeks before that the baby had passed away which would be around 5 weeks so i wasn’t expecting a positive test especially since i had no symptoms

I’m unsure what i should do or think