Rape or not?

**trigger warning** I am a freshman in college and I've been struggling with this experience I had a few months ago. one night my friends and I went out and I got super drunk and high and I decided to stay away from boys to be cautious. This was the first time I had gotten high so I was extremely messed up and my guy friend told my other friend who is a girl we need to take her (as in me) back to the dorm she's not ok so eventually we go back and it's me her him and a few other friends and we are all In my room. I immediately go to my bedroom and say to everyone I'm need to sit down because I felt dizzy and nauseous. everyone then leaves to get food except me and this guy from before who is my friend (also high and drunk but not nearly as drunk as me) and i told him I was going to throw up so I ran to the bathroom, which is in my dorm room, and vomited so he saw and knew about it and I walked into my room and sat back on my bed and the next thing I remember is him being straddled on top of me and after that I remember him being inside me and that's all. I do not know how much time was in between each black out and the next morning I asked him about it and it seemed like he was being vague and wouldn't tell me much about it but he claims he asked me if it was ok and I said it was but I have no memory of it because I kept blacking out/passing out. Im very confused and I don't wanna sounds dramatic or like I'm seeking attention but I really don't know what to think about this situation if you could provide feed back that would be greatly appreciated thank you

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