Anybody else the first to get pregnant?


I am the first of my closest group of girl friends (five or so) to get pregnant and there’s only a few people in the larger group with kids. And I am feeling SO lonely. Nobody “gets” how I’m feeling. A friend asked how I was today and I said good but excited as each day is successful and I’m tying to manage anxiety about MC (cause I’ve had one) and she said “don’t ruminate. Take a breath. Relax” UMMM you don’t KNOW how damn hard that is. I guess people don’t know what it’s like to fall immediately deeply in love with a tiny ball of cells until it happens to them. I guess they don’t realize what it’s like to treasure and be anxious about a pregnancy when you just want or more than anything else in the world. Some of my other friends have really dropped off since they found out I’m pregnant and just don’t talk much to me at all. It’s weird. Anybody else struggling with this? Glad i have you ladies!