Next tattoo!!??


So I’m really set on getting a lion for my next tattoo, I drew up a little something that I’m considering,which I will post below, buttttt, the only thing right now is that with the placement I’m wanting (my forearm) i don’t think what I drew would look okay. I’ll post a picture of my arm as well, so now I’m just debating, do I want what i drew up, or do I want a more realistic lion on my forearm?

What I drew:

My arm,

The reason I’m like back and forth is because of my 11:59 tattoo, I feel like a realistic lion would look best with it, like maybe the artist can work it in somehow? But at the same time I think what I drew might be cool next to the 11:59, BUT I have a tiny arm so I don’t know how well what I drew would fit? I know it could be adjusted obviously I just dont know.. OPINIONS??