Hi ladies! I'm hoping I can bounce something off you all bevayse I'm driving myself absolutely crazy!!! on 8dpo I started spotting. light pink and brown. in early mornings, after waking up, it's be mildly clotty. it's come and goober for the last 3 days. not enough to fill a pad. I'm having mild cramping too. Nothing compared to my terrible period cramps. AF is now due in 5 days. Is this implantation? We just started TTC this month after a year hiatus/ emotional break after our miscarriage last year. I've only spotted once in my 20 years of aunt flows visits (I'm 32 now). I want to be pregnant so badly. I want to be a mom mite than anything. please tell me the truth. am I getting my hopes up? Or could this be it? 🤞🤞Thank you all for your time 💜 baby dust to everyone