sadly my story ends here w a forced termination


2 weeks ago i found out i was pregnant in which i would of announced once i hit my 12 week mark on social media but 2 days ago i started to spot n started cramping which had me alarmed because that never happened in any of my pregnancies this was my 5th went to the doc yesterday n my hcg levels where going up sucessfully but they did an ultrasound no baby or sac which had me concerned but doc reassured me maybe it was too early but i was 5 weeks n 5 days already at the time i had a wierd feeling

the spotting was still present n cramping but something told me to go to the er in the er i found out that baby wasnt in my uterus but formed in my ovary called ovarian pregnancy in which it was ectopic but since it was in my ovary it was rare condition n the only option was to terminate my pregnancy or i can have eternal bleeding or even die i started to cry because we where devasted we lost the baby but they caught it on time plse keep me in your prayers im still in a watch because they want to make sure my levels go down or emergency surgery! Praying for healing in my body if it would have been a healthy pregnancy i would have been 6 weeks today im still gonna go under treatment to determine how i got that rare condition