No alcohol at my wedding update.


UPDATE so on my last post i apprecitated all the comments. i have checked into it and i can not have alcohol at my wedding with out hiring someone with a license. I could do a cash bar but I just think that would be tacky. another reason i am not having alcohol is because some of my guest are alcoholics. if my guest can not come and have a good time with out alcohol then they don't need to come. it is going to be on a Thursday evening with about 150 guest total. it will also be bbq type setting and yard games. so my fiancé and I don't drink and our immediate family's don't either. our wedding is in October and it's a Thursday evening. so I was thinking instead of alcohol at the wedding doing more of lemonade, tea, coffee, Apple cider, hot chocolate type bar. does that sound total crazy or have you been to a wedding or your own wedding that didn't have alcohol? thank you all for the response so far. I guess my main thing is if you drink would you be mad and throw a fit about it? Also one reason we aren't is because with the venue you have to hire someone to do it and my budget doesn't allow for it.