One thing I wish someone told me...


After becoming a mom (or dad), there's bound to be something you later wished someone had told you upfront.

Of course we would all have heard the "enjoy your sleep now" and "get ready to change a million diapers" comments...but what one (or more) thing do you wish somebody had told you earlier?

I did a ton of research upfront (thanks Glow <a href="">Nurture</a>!) and thought I was super prepared. Nope! 🙈

My son was born last year, had slight jaundice (no light therapy needed), couldn't latch (I had flat nipples) and one of my nurses was super mean about it. I swear I wanted to strangle the woman because she made it seem like the latching issue was equivalent to my baby being put in a torture chamber. 🙄

But in the end, she was the best thing that happened to me during my hospital stay, because she taught me how to manually express. It wasn't even on my radar during pregnancy, but it's what got me started on my successful breastfeeding journey (still going strong at 8+ months).

I now tell all my friends to make sure they learn before they're in labour. 😅

What experience of yours would help another parent out?