Anxious for ultrasound or to hear HB? read this!


I see a lot of mommies anxious to hear the heart beat and get actual pictures but in most places doctors won’t see you until about 9-10 wks. That was WAYYY to long for me so a friend told me about Community pregnancy Resource Offices that are all over the place I googled the one closets to my home and made my appointment HEADS UP THEY WILL NOT SEE YOU if you’ve been to the ER or have a dr appt set up, you have to actually act as if you peed on the stick and don’t know what to do next. They calculated me to be at about 5 weeks and scheduled me to come back in 2 weeks to hear babies heart beat. When I came back they ask again have you been to Er or Dr I said no & they proceeded with my ultrasound. I did have to pee really bad which they said to try to hold it because it makes the ultrasound come up faster (or something idk I wasn’t paying attention) I just wanted to see my peanut. & I got a heartbeat of 163 & ultrasound pictures 3 weeks before my first appointment with my Ob/Gyn congrats to all the mommies ❤️💙💖