Why is my son not satisfied?


When I feed my one month old, I wait for him to stop on his own. Like he’ll usually just let go when he’s done, and I try to offer it back to him and he won’t take it, so I know he’s done eating. But a lot of the time, he wants to eat again very shortly after. Is it just cluster feeding or do you think it’s something wrong with like the amount of milk I’m supplying or something? He’s gaining weight like he’s supposed to, it just seems like he thinks he has to be eating if he is awake. I am going to check with his pediatrician next week, but the last time the pediatrician gave me advice regarding breastfeeding, EVERYONE I spoke to said it was wrong, so I’m not sure I trust her answer, & since my own mother never breastfed, I’m not sure who else to ask