Pumping breast milk

Okay, this is my second pregnancy. This time around my due with Twins, due date of July 18th. Was told I’d probably deliver mid June.

(Had a psychic come up to me in public, never met her before. No clue who she was. Told me I’d meet my babies sooner than we plan. She also told me the genders before I even knew. I didn’t look pregnant at all I was about 16week or so. She had also told us other things that have now happened and been true. So fingers crossed these babies cook as long as they want)

But anyway. With my first pregnancy my body basically rejected labor and everything to do with Pregnancy. My body just never made much breast milk maybe 18oz a day if I was lucky. My boobs never hurt, milk never came in. After a month of trying to produce milk, I gave up because it became to much juggling breast feeding, pumping, and then later figuring out witch formula was best and not make my lo sick.(Yes, I offered breast first. After she’d no longer latch I’d offer pumped milk if I had any. If not she would receive formula while I pumped. My child did not go with food in her tummy)

This pregnancy has been completely different. Hardly no morning sickness. Just a lot of restless nights and headaches.

I’m 25+2, my breast have already been extremely sore, heavy, and recently started to leek..

This time around I was hoping to exclusively pump.. possibly breast feed. Haven’t decided and probably won’t have a final answer till they arrive.

when is the right time to start pumping. I know pumping to soon will increase hormones and sometimes trigger labor.

I just want to make sure this time my body actually makes milk and/or I have enough on hand to feed the both of them.

Has anyone at all ever pumped and freeze before they delivered??