So me and this guy have been dating for awhile and he was everything I began to even hope for. Now here we are 5 months later and he is a kid, like from how he acts to how he just comes off. I'm not the one who just sits and can fart in front in front of someone. All he does literally is eat, sleep, play the game, and poop. (TMI) My kids have a junk drawer, you name it they have it. So my ex, he would just sit up play the game and eat my kids snacks. And than lie about it. He would steal money out my wallet or wherever I would hide it. The sex was trash and he always wanted to have sex like some horny teenager so finally I wad like no, I'm good. Now I'm 7 weeks pregnant, I don't want this baby because I'm having a baby with a baby. smh. For instance I will give you a situation that just happened. My 3 kids get an allownace, my 9 year old buys an x box 360 and 2 games. My 3 year old he buys movies and coloring books and a nerf gun. My 2 year old paw patrol movies lol. Anyways my ex asks if I could get him a ps4 I say no and keep going about my business with my kids. You guys when I tell you he acted like my 2 year old in wal mart that's just what he did. I mean he threw a fit from yelling and screaming to having an attitude to sitting on the floor by the game smh I had to walk off. It got so bad I just ended up buying the game. So now 3 days later I call it quits. I can't do it I don't technically have 4 kids. Smh considering I'm sadly pregnant. I know most women would kill to have a baby. But am I wrong for not wanting to keep the baby?! Oh yea he doenst have a job. I have 3 jobs. I do everything. I work all day come home get dinner done get my kids situated and clean my house. Wake up and do it all again. All of which he doesn't help with. I just want to know am I making the wrong decision. out of anger and hatred for this so called man or am I doing it right. I can't afford to take care of him and what would be 4 kids.