Listen to your gut! PSA for all those stuggling to concieve..


Hey all, I have been TTC for over a year now and have not once had success. After 8 or so months into this journey I kept reading other women talk about their fertility being off because of their thyroid. When I went to my annual women well check in January I insisted they check my full thyroid panel, so they did. I should also mention I have been having symptoms of weight gain and feeling tired but that could be my age (30) or the fact I worked the night shift up until 2 months ago, but I had a gut feeling my thyroid really was off. They didnt even bother to call me about the results and when I called them all they said was "normal" and did not even give me the actual numbers. My first RE appt was Monday and he asked me to have the results faxed over. AND GUESS WHAT? According to him, even though I do not technically have hypothyroidism, my numbers are high enough to affect my fertility and Im starting on synthroid ASAP. Listen to your gut ladies!!